increases hole quality, decreases drill wear, reduces drilling temperatures, prevens burr and provides hole verification.

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LCOA has developed a new melamine backup product that responds to the high demands of today’s strict drill room requirements.  STARboard has been created specifically for the Printed Circuit Board Industry and is engineered to perform on all drilling applications.  STARboard, unlike many other melamine products, uses the highest quality raw materials to ensure performance and consistency.


  • Hole quality - Finely processed timber residues create a high-density fiber core (HDF) with a low natural resin level that does not contaminate the hole.  STARboard has no phenolic resins.
  • Drill wear - Melamine surface layers have undergone unique modifications to extract the abrasive elements found in most other melamine products.  The low-resin level of the core also adds to drill wear reduction created by the modified surface layer.
  • Reduces Drilling Temperatures – Spectrum Gold offers excellent heat dissipation characteristics resulting in reduced drill wear and minimized heat related hole defects.
  • Burr prevention - A hard, flat surface with an accurate thickness tolerance is a perfect exit platform for the drill.
  • Hole verification - A clean, white surface helps distinguish hole position.


Thickness 0.095” (±2.41 mm) ±0.006” (±0.15mm)
Cut Tolerance ±0.062” (±1.6mm)
Warp 0.060”/inch diagonal (1.52mm)
Bow 0.015”/inch across length or width (0.38mm)
Sizes Most panel and sheet sizes available.  Consult your local distributor or LCOA for additional information.