Bullseye® radically shifts the paradigm for entry materials. It maximizes drilling accuracy, efficiency and integrity.

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Bullseye® is a unique, innovative entry material that offers the user the best possible accuracy on a full range of diameters used in PCB manufacturing. Bullseye® is a combination of a non-contaminating carrier sheet and our proprietary coating, providing a unique surface for the drill to center and stabilize before entering the laminate. The proprietary coating is engineered to machine effortlessly without wrapping around the tool, turning to dust and evacuated by the vacuum system. Bullseye® resists scratching, denting, and damage from the pressure foot.


  • Provides Excellent Accuracy – Bullseye® allows you to maintain hole location from the entry side to the exit side of the stack.
  • Minimize Drill Deflection – Bullseye® proprietary coating holds the drill immediately upon contact, creating a perfect bushing, eliminating deflection.
  • Excellent Visualization – Bullseye® is a brilliant green which enables superior visualization during and after drill.
  • One Product For All Drill Sizes – Bullseye® can be used for all drill diameters from 0.10mm – 6.35mm.
  • Easy To Handle – Bullseye® lays flat on the PCB stack and will not soften by heat. The material does not require gloves or any special handling techniques.
  • Guarantee – Behind every LCOA product stands the LCOA guarantee: Any LCOA product proven defective will be replaced or refunded.


0.0090” ±0.0010” (0.22mm ±0.03mm)
Cut Tolerance
±0.0625” (±1.60mm)
Most panel and sheet sizes available. Consult your local distributor or LCOA for additional information.