LCOA Bullseye™ is a unique, innovative entry material that offers the user the best possible accuracy on a full range of diameters used in PCB manufacturing.

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LCOA has a global network of distributors who sell our products to the end user customers.

We look for distributors who have a vested interest in the success of the PCB market in their respective regions.

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LCOA designs, develops, and manufactures precision quality backup and entry solutions used in the manufacturing of printed circuits boards (PCBs).

Our primary markets are printed circuit fabricators and contract manufacturers where our products are used in the production of PCBs that go into desktop and notebook computers, Internet infrastructure hardware, telecommunication, and military work.

We have been located in Southern California since LCOA’s inception and since then we have become the North American leader in backup and entry sales while also selling our products on five continents and in over 15 countries around the world.  Today, we supply drilling solutions to many of the largest PCB manufacturers in the world, including EI, Sanmina, Viasystems, TTM Technologies, Compeq, DDI, Multek, and Merix.

With the advancement of technology occurring to fast we want to stay ahead of the curve to continue this growth.  Therefore, over the last several years we have made significant strides with our Technology Group since one of the most important aspects of our business is Research & Development.  Continuing to improve upon our performance is critical to our long-term success so we use our laboratory to perfect existing technology and create new technology for the future.  Growing our library of patents is an expensive and time consuming process that we are fully committed to making in order to do this.

At LCOA, we want to be the technological leader in backup and entry sales and we want to be the supplier of choice for your backup and entry needs.